The OLMA Investment Group was founded in 1992, at the beginning of the voucher privatization program and the inception of the Russian Securities Market. From the very first months of its existence OLMA has been known as a leader, one of the most established and competent financial institutions, playing a major role in the establishment of the market infrastructure.

Over the past 21 years OLMA has proved to be, first and foremost, a client-oriented organisation, which focuses on the needs of each Particular customer. The group's structure is made up of various companies, each of which targets a particular group of clients and offers them the most suitable instruments and solutions to implement their objectives.

The Russian market offers unique opportunities for investors with varying risk appetites. OLMA currently has the largest retail client base in Russia with over 6,000 customers. Each client is unique whether they be internet based day traders or long-term investors looking to hold a part of their savings in Blue Chips.

Several of our Institutional and high-net worth clients have enjoyed success investing in "second-tier" Russian enterprises or small caps. Our analysts have developed a strong track record when it comes to identifying opportunities in these lesser known companies and sectors of the economy,while our sales and trading desks have helped market improve the liquidity in these names. Over the years we have been able to build a strong network of second-tier participants ranging from Regional Brokerage Houses, Corporate Clients, Domestic Investors, Russian Banks and International Investment Funds.

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